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What does a healthy Port Phillip Bay mean to you?

Let us know how Port Phillip Bay should be enhanced and protected by completing this short ten minute questionnaire.

How do you or your family currently use Port Phillip Bay? (Please choose all that apply)
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How often do you or your family visit or use Port Phillip Bay?
What do you most value about Port Phillip Bay? Please select the three uses or activities that are most important to you or your family from the following
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Below are issues that could be detrimental to the health of Phillip Bay if they are not managed appropriately.

Please indicate which issue (or issues) would most impact your ability to use or enjoy Port Phillip Bay referring to the three activities that you identified as being most important to you and your family.

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What is the main way you would find out about the health of Port Phillip Bay?
How would you like to access information about Port Phillip Bay?
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How did you find out about this survey?
A draft Environmental Management Plan for Port Phillip Bay is scheduled to be released later this year.

Would you like to be kept informed about the development of the new Plan?